Posted by: monicaaho | February 23, 2009

Oui, J’habite a London

It’s been a few eventful weeks, with presentations of our ongoing projects, and start of brand new ones as well. I’m still enjoying London, though I must say I miss the Oslo coffee. 🙂 Our projects are very different from what I’m used to, and they’re very research based at the moment, which is fine really. It’s good to be doing something else! This weekend we have Kat’s parents over from Norway, which is very nice! And on wednesday last week, I met with Ann Kristin from HIAK, and we had lovely Indian Cuisine in not so lovely Piccadilly Circus (££££!!). 😉

Today I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the 12:35 cinema in Covent Garden, which was a very odd time of the day to be inside a dark room for three hours. When I got out, I was very confused about the time, and a bit sad really, from the film. 😉

Nothing else! Just working on our projects… (Hard work, you’ll see from the pictures) 😉


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