Posted by: monicaaho | September 19, 2009

Thinking outside the box: Refillable packaging opportunities

Thinking outside the box: Refillable packaging opportunities

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Posted by: monicaaho | March 10, 2009


HHHHH!!!! So many projects! This week we have two presentations, I have Flash course, the D&AD competition, Milan preparation, Unit One preparation and portfolio/internship research! Yeah, this is going well! Nooo..

And the battery on my mac has committed suicide, and the whole thing is now on electrical life-support 24/7.

FUN. 😉


Posted by: monicaaho | February 23, 2009

Oui, J’habite a London

It’s been a few eventful weeks, with presentations of our ongoing projects, and start of brand new ones as well. I’m still enjoying London, though I must say I miss the Oslo coffee. 🙂 Our projects are very different from what I’m used to, and they’re very research based at the moment, which is fine really. It’s good to be doing something else! This weekend we have Kat’s parents over from Norway, which is very nice! And on wednesday last week, I met with Ann Kristin from HIAK, and we had lovely Indian Cuisine in not so lovely Piccadilly Circus (££££!!). 😉

Today I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button at the 12:35 cinema in Covent Garden, which was a very odd time of the day to be inside a dark room for three hours. When I got out, I was very confused about the time, and a bit sad really, from the film. 😉

Nothing else! Just working on our projects… (Hard work, you’ll see from the pictures) 😉

Posted by: monicaaho | February 6, 2009


This is currently known as SNOW week in London, and the reactions to snow around here are very interesting. I was on my way to school on monday, when a man i the park stopped me and told me that all transport from Sidcup was closed because of the snowfall. Puzzled, I went home, and I saw on the news that London had been paralyzed by te cm of snow. Great.

Rest of the week was definitely better, and school has started with presentations and research and group work. Yesterday I was at Rhino- tuition course, that was fun! Good thing I went, my 3D skills has evaporated into thin air. Hopefully they’ll come back now:)

And I’ve got my camera! Hurra! There will be many more pictures on this blog now;)

Posted by: monicaaho | January 26, 2009

Days in London, Week 4 of 2009

This week went by so quickly, can’t really remember what I’ve done! Wednesday we had briefing of this terms projects (a lot), followed by drinking beer with people from the class. Thursday we had project workshops, and beer with the class. And friday we had a workshop of the D&AD competition we’re entering, followed by, guess what, beer with the class. I’m seriously on the road to alcoholism. On Saturday I taught myself through a great tutorial from Adobe, on how to use Dreamweaver, and created my own portfolio website! I must say I’m a bit proud! (Even though the result might not be that impressive… 😀 ) Time consuming, though. I think I’ve spent 10 hours this weekend doing websites….. 😉

Posted by: monicaaho | January 14, 2009

First three days of MA Industrial Design

Christ Alive, on my first day, wednesday, I was thrown directly into a three-day stunt project with all the MA classes, presentation in front of everyone on friday! Ahh!

Luckily, I got a wonderful group, and I thought in the end the project went well, giving a cool result. Still, it was scary to present in front of a bunch of people I don’t know, and the teachers were pretty rough on some of the students…. But nothing an AHO student haven’t heard before… Hehe

After school we went out (again) and I met everyone in my class. They’re really so sweet, and I think these 6 months will be good fun… (fingers crossed)

Posted by: monicaaho | January 13, 2009

First week abroad

After having a very uneventful start of the week, with shopping necessary (ahem) items, eating good food and sleeping, my academic semester started friday 12th January. I met the other abroad students attending BA classes this spring, got a fashion/design tour of London, and ended the day with a pint of beer in a genuine english pub. Lovely and smooth start of the semester!